Preventing Medical Errors

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We Can All Help Prevent Medical Errors!

Five fundamental areas each of us needs to understand and use to help fix healthcare delivery:

  1. Apply the principles of high performing manufacturers and athletic teams to continually improve our processes.

2.We all need to learn how lead and be part of multidisciplinary teams that include patients and coordinate the care they receive.

3. The human brain continually makes errors. Certain conditions increase the likelihood of errors, and these need to be avoided. Systems can be designed that force the right behavior, and second checks can help caregivers provide the right care at the right time and in the right place.

4. We all need to become effective leaders. Most importantly we must practice adaptive leadership, that is, leadership that promotes a true change in the way things are done.

5. Finally, we all can utilize the campaign methods of successful politicians and advocacy groups to change the attitudes of our fellow caregivers and patients, and thereby change the culture of our healthcare systems.


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